What In The World Are We Thinking?

We are excited to see where this adventure will lead us and our hope is to inspire those who follow us, to take their leap and do whatever it is God has put on their heart to do!

Selling your possessions and buying an RV to travel the country in is not what most couples imagine their next step will be after being married for two years. It’s really not what we had originally planned for ourselves either, but we are looking for a bit more adventure than a traditional path would take us. We do consider it a dream come true that we have been given the opportunity to pursue this life style together now, at the age of 23.

When people think of a full time RVing couple they think of someone who is retired because now they can afford to buy a huge expensive fifth-wheel or a motor home. However, the trend is changing and younger couples are taking that leap of faith to live on the road and work remotely. We have been following blogs like “Gone with the Wynns” and “Less Junk More Journey” (just to name a couple) and their adventures leave us inspired.

Gerrit’s dad, Dave, has been talking about this dream for as long as anyone can remember.When we picked up Georgie one of the first comments he made was, “You two have done in two months, what has taken me 20 years and counting to do.” He has read books, researched all kinds of RVs, and followed bloggers. He has done it all, EXCEPT actually gone through with it. Because of that, we have always had this dream of living in an RV in the back of our minds. We had joked about it occasionally, how we wish we could drop everything and see the country from an RV. It wasn’t until after we had graduated that we started to talk about it more seriously. We went on a 17 day road trip to Colorado the summer after graduation, with the pups of course, and we fell in love. I think it was the wilderness, the feeling of exploring completely “new to us” territory, and seeing how we could minimize the amount of stuff we needed to bring with us. We were so proud of the fact that we could pack for 17 days for two people and two dogs with no more space than half of the storage capacity of a Jeep Wrangler. We were starting to fall for the idea of living more simply. It was this realization that made us think that there may be a way to actually make this happen.

When we returned from Colorado and had time to reflect on the trip, we both still had this crazy idea and desire. Our dream was put into motion on a Sunday afternoon during a long hike at the Fort Harrison State Park, near Indianapolis, where we committed to each other that we were going to pursue this adventurous life.

While we don’t know how long we are going to be living this lifestyle (part of the beauty of it) our hope is to save a little bit of money, have some awesome adventures, grow stronger as a couple, and enjoy the country that God has created for us to see and experience while putting our faith in Him more than ever before.

We are excited to see where this adventure will lead us. Our hope and prayer is to inspire those who follow us to take their own leap and do whatever it is God has put on their heart to do!

Lindsey & Gerrit

Philippians 4: 6 and 7

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.

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