Pup Portraits

Taking photos of our pups can be challenging but SO worth it!

Obviously our dogs are very important to us and one of the reasons we are going to RV full time! Full time RVing is going to be a great way for Gerrit and I to see the country, but part of the joy we have in going to new places is taking the dogs with us. I love seeing how much fun they have exploring! One of the things I love is to take pictures of them in really cool places or of them just being adorable. Oakley, for example, loves to climb as high as she can and look over the edge of anything and everything. We have been able to get good pictures of her on the ledge of some high places.

So I am really excited to be able to take great pictures of them no matter where we are! I have been practicing taking photos of them and can’t wait to continue improving! Luckily, they are pretty photogenic pups who can be hypnotized with just a small piece of their favorite treats or chicken.  And for Ella, her tennis ball also does the trick! I have been getting some great tips and advice from my sister-in-law at Laura Acton Photography.

Pup Portraits

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Lindsey, Oakley & Ella

-The road to my heart is paved with paw prints-

                    pawprints                pawprints

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