Chimney Rock, Lake Lure, and Catawba Falls | Old Fort, NC


We have found a gem of a camp ground. It is called Cove Creek in Old Fort, North Carolina. As far as amenities are concerned this place is very… very sub par but that’s not what matters to us. The sight is not very level but the view is great, there is a huge field for Ella to play fetch, and the best part is that with our Passport America membership it is only $15 a night. *score*


The first day we were here we were able to drive down to Lake Lure in the Jeep and have a FABULOUS lunch at a little restaurant, La Strada, overlooking the lake.


We didn’t have a ton of time but we wanted to check out Chimney Rock. It was a bit pricey (for a state park) to get in but we had a great time. We drove up to the trail head and started climbing the stairs to Chimney Rock Overlook. The view was beautiful even though many of the trees were naked and everything just being a little brown. The best part was when “Santa and his Elf” repelled off of Chimney Rock. We were just about to start making our way down when we heard a voice off in the distance “Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!” he said and lo and behold here came “Santa” beard and all wearing his harness ready to descend the cliff with his right hand elf. They were the funniest pair. They bantered back and forth and the Elf even made fun of Oakley and Ella for being “weird looking reindeer.” They did make their descent safely back to the little Christmas village they had at the base if the trail. Sadly they did not find where “Santa” parked his sleigh. Santa and Mrs. Clause were even taking pictures and handing out candy canes. Oakley was very interested in what Mrs. Clause had in her basket but Ella wasn’t having it. So unfortunately we did not get a photo.  I don’t blame her for being afraid of a bearded man in a red suit bending down to pet her.

The whole next day it rained but I made some amazing peanut butter oatmeal cookies that are not totally bad for you! Check out the receipt here!


We were able to take an awesome hike to Catawba Falls in Old Fort, NC. It was a beautiful day at 55 degrees and the hike was an easy 2 mile round trip with a steady but, not too steep incline. It looked like it had just been re-done and the bridges were very sturdy. The trail follows the river the entire hike so you can hear the sound of rushing water and smell the moss the entire way to the top. Oakley and Ella were in love with all of the shallow water to splash in. Gerrit decided to put a little faith in Ella and let her off leash on the hike back. She did so well staying near us and turning around to make sure she wasn’t too far ahead! I’m sure it helped that we were the only ones left out on the trail but it was great practice.


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