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We love our dogs so much, so naturally we do our best to use products that will be good for them and us too!

In this first review I am going to be discussing PetSafe’s Gentle Leader. Click on the link below to check it out on Amazon.

Gentle Leader

It is very easy to adjust and put on your dog and comes with easy to understand instructions for how to use it correctly. It is important to get the correct size. Oakley wears a medium and Ella has a small. There is a bit of a training period to get your dog used to wearing it. However, it is intended to only be worn while walking your dog, not to be worn continuously or while the dog is unattended.

We use Oakley and Ella’s gentle leads pretty much any time we take them to a public place. It is just so reassuring to know that we have more control over them when we aren’t sure what the social situation might be. Especially when we are going hiking in a well known area, where it could be very crowded, it is nice to be able to get their attention quickly and painlessly (for both of us) if we need too.

Friendly is not a word I usually use to describe either of them because they are guard dogs. One of the reasons we are drawn to herding type dog breeds is because they grow super attached to their humans and have a tendency to alert them when anything is out of the ordinary. They are highly intelligent and observant of their environment and are very vocal when it comes to communicating with us that they are unsure about an object or situation. This is especially true for Ella, who can be a little weary of strangers, particularity when they talk to her or tell her how cute she is. She has a personality very few can understand. But this is why we love her!

The gentle leader has been a great resource for us while we’re training and when we have to go somewhere in a hurry. Don’t misunderstand, though, it is not a replacement for training your dog to walk loosely on a leash or to stay focused in a crowded place.

If a gentle leader sounds like a useful tool for you and your dog, head to Amazon through this link to order yours today!

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