Big Bend National Park | The RV Life in West Texas


Big Bend National Park is in Southwest Texas, in the middle of  nowhere. The entire Chisos mountain range and a large chunk of the Chihuahuan Desert all call Big Bend National Park their home. The Santa Elena Canyon, which is carved by the Rio Grande is also visible within the park. You can actually see Mexico, and are so close you could throw a rock at it. Because of how close to the border the park is there are mostly boarder patrol vehicles, rather than rangers who patrol the park.


Big Bend is absolutely HUGE! There are a total of 801,163 acres that is protected as a national park. Big Bend is one of the largest, most remote, and least-visited national parks in the United States. We knew that the chances of us being this close to Big Bend again would be slim so we had to check it out. And we are really glad we did!

Notice the moon in the upper left hand corner 🙂


Dogs and the National Park System don’t really go hand in hand so there are a lot of rules and regulations about dogs in the park. The major one is that they are not aloud on any of the hiking trails. Which is a bummer because taking the dogs is one of the reasons we enjoy hiking so much. We did venture out with out our fur children to do some hiking, and it was breath taking.

As many of you know, Gerrit has inherited, from his Dad, a love to drive down rough roads just to “see what’s down there.” The park happened to have some great roads to do just that!

Even though the pups couldn’t hike with us they have still enjoyed the park and everything the desert has to offer! (Ella is definitely a desert dog)

Gerrit and I enjoyed a lot of beautiful evening hikes.And don’t forget that if you’d like to see these photos in full screen you can just click on them!

During our visit we learned the true meaning of “Desert Moon” and it is just spectacular! We were fortunate to be there during a full moon. You can’t tell from the photo (still working on my landscape skills) but the moon looked HUGE . We could even see the dark crater circles in more detail than I had ever seen.


Not to mention the amazing sunsets. The photos do them no justice. It’s almost surreal watching them. They look and feel so much bigger than any other sunset I’ve seen. It feels like the light almost wraps around you. The clouds are highlighted a beautiful pink color and the bright blue sky gives it more depth.

Thanks for the adventures Big Bend! We are glad to have visited this spectacular National Park!


Lindsey, Gerrit, Oakley, and Ella

Mark 6:31

And he said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while: for there were many coming and going, and they had no leisure so much as to eat.



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