Short Story Sunday | The Turning of Times (part 3)

The Turning of Times is coming to a close! There is only one more part left after this one.

part 3

I woke up several minutes before the morning tone sounded. I was anxious. Both about learning my duties as an OS Agent but also about Philip’s mission, that had become my own. I ate my meal and headed for the door. I have a poor habit of not checking my schedule. To my surprise when I opened the door Philip was standing there with an OS Agent, it was Jeff.

“Excuse me Ms Piper.”

“Hello, how are you Jeff?” I remembered him, he was the agent that was with Philip the day that he came in.

“Just fine, thanks.”

“Oh… well I was just on my way to the OS Office. It’s my new assignment.”

“We are well aware. I am going to be the one training both you and Philip. Is there a quiet place we can all talk?”

“Yes of course. Come on in, my parents are already at work for the day.” We walked into the dinning area. It was Philip who spoke first.

“Piper, we are able to move forward on our mission sooner than I expected. Jeff can from my community as well. He’s been here for 5 years, is that right?” Philip looked up at Jeff.

“Yes, that’s right. I have been trying to come up with a way to counteract the mind control meetings. I think I have finally come up with a serum that dilutes the effects. It has worked wonders on you Ms Piper.”

“Me? How have you been doing that?”

“I have access to where the meals are prepared. I have been putting a small amount in your morning meal everyday for the past two years.”

“I feel like I should be upset about that, but I’m really not because I  have noticed how I am able to think more for myself than others.”

“I have just started to do it for everyone in this villa. I can’t make enough for the entire colony but I think just having this villa on our side might be enough.”

“So, what’s the plan?”

“Follow me and I’ll show you.”


We walked in silence to the OS office. It’s only a few minutes walk across the Commons but it felt like hours. Finally we reached the Office. There was an older woman sitting behind the main desk who greeted us when we walked in. “Hello there Piper and Philip. We’re glad you’re here! Sign in here please.” She seemed way too chipper for this time of day. The door closed automatically behind us and we took a seat on the standard gray arm chairs that seemed to be everywhere.

This time Philip broke the silence. “So… whats the plan exactly?” Jeff pulled down a projector screen, hit a few buttons and a map showed up with colored lines and pins all over it. He continued to explain that Philip and I would play the part of OS Agents in training, following Jeff around delivering the serum to everyone in our villa. We would then deliver messages to people all over the villa, telling them the truth. That the outside is safe and that President Curtis is lying to us all. In hopes that we will create enough of an uprising to distract the rest of the colony so that we can break into the President’s headquarters where the brain wash materials are kept.

Our plan will be to destroy it then open all of the off limits doors so that people can see for themselves that the outside is safe. Jeff was able to get a message out to their community telling them when we are hoping to accomplish all of this. We have less than a week. But they will be waiting for us. All of us.

I went into the Women’s room and changed into the orange jumpsuit. My name tag read; Piper C12 OS *T. The * T means in training. I looked myself over in the mirror. I like how it fit, I felt powerful and purposeful in it. After all it’s the most colorful uniform in all of Dominium. I came out of the women’s room and saw Philip standing in front of the projector.

“The uniform suits you.”

“Thank you. You too.”


I tossed and turned that night. I could sleep. My brain was full of thoughts and replaying the plan over and over in my mind was causing my restlessness. My whole life I knew I was different and meant for more. Here was my opportunity to do something.


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