RV Boondocking Life | White Sands National Monument

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqJTOgQBUjE&w=560&h=315%5D

After a little less than a month of being on the road we have finally built up the courage to boondock (no hook ups) for an entire week! We found a great place right in between White Sands National Monument and the town of Alamogordo.


We really had a great time at White Sands! We hiked the Alkaline Flat trail which is five miles long but not too difficult. You are walking over sand dunes so foot prints get covered by the wind, you are pretty much walking from one big orange stake to the next the whole time. About half way you can see the Alkaline Flat and the mountains then you continue the loop back to the parking area.

One of the things you just have to do once in your life is sled down some really huge sand dunes. You can either buy a new sled for 16 dollars or a used one for 10. I got us a used one, which are able to be returned for 3 dollars back. Of course you can bring your own, but living in an RV does not leave much room for a sled so we purchased the 10 dollar used one.

It was a blast sledding down the dunes! We had so much fun it was ridiculous! The pups loved chasing us as we slid down and then raced back up the dune to do it over and over again. We decided we better keep our sled, just in case we had the opportunity to sled down some snow in the mountains.

The desert is pretty rough on puppy paws, especially when they slide on the rocky surface after a ball. Every time its like shes sliding into home base to win the world series. Oh Ella….

So because of that, Ella kept ripping off her toenails. Our solution? You guessed it! Puppy booties!


She doesn’t really seem to mind them and they are getting the job done! However, Because she slides so hard they are already starting to tear slightly at the seems. This pup is just nuts. That’s why we love her!

We were able to meet up with @kermitandtrinty and @glasgows_onthego. (check them out on Instagram when you get the chance!) Brett and Kelly from @glasglows_onthego were actually our neighbors and Kermit and Trinity were staying at Oliver Lee State Park, just down the road.

We had a blast! It was so cool hanging out with folks who have the same desire for wanderlust. We learned a lot from them and know that we’ve made friends that we can call on when we’ve got questions or just want to talk RV.  I have to admit, it’s sad that we don’t know when we will cross paths with them again, but we were so glad to have spent the evening with these amazing couples!

Of course we could not stay away from the mountains. We drove up to the tiny town of Sunspot.


Unfortunately, it was really cloudy so there wasn’t much in the way of sun to see but there were a lot of telescopes and the snowy pine trees were beautiful the whole way up. There were also signs with the name of the planet that is that mile distance from the sun.

We could not miss the opportunity to do some real sledding on snow so we brought the sled along just in case. We found the perfect sledding hill and we had it all to ourselves.



Lindsey, Gerrit, Oakley, and Ella

Matthew 7:26

Everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not act on them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand.


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