Pennies The Lost Cowpony

I have not been on top of it lately with my short stories! I promise to get better!

But my nephews have requested a story just for them, so here it is! I wrote this little story once we got into Arizona. Love you Forrest, Walker, and Leo, I hope you enjoy this little story about a lost cowpony. Also, I wish I could draw and make some adorable illustrations to go with this story… Something I might want to start practicing.


Pennies is a copper colored cowpony who lives out in the desert of southern Arizona with his cowboy Jack.

After a full days work, Jack and Pennies had to saddle up to gather all of the new calves. They had gotten loose from their pen Jack suspected that a sneaky coyote was the one who put a hole through the fence.

The baby cows were running all over the mountain side and it was up to Jack and Pennies to round them up and get them back home safe and sound.

Jack knew that a big thunderstorm was about to roll in. Pennies knew it too, he is very scared of thunderstorms, but he had a job to do. He wouldn’t rest until all the calves were back home in their pen.

The sun had set behind the mountain and the moon was glowing bright on Pennies shinny copper mane. Together Jack and Pennies had found all of the loose calves, except for one. The coyotes would be coming out soon. Pennies could hear them howling in distance, but they were getting closer.

“Mooo” They heard the last calf! He had to be close, so they rode deeper into the canyon. The walls were getting narrow and thunder clouds were beginning to roll in. Pennies heard a snarl and out jumped a coyote right in their path! There was a thunder clap and a bolt of lighting. Pennies reared up and neighed. He couldn’t help it, he was very frightened! Jack slid off of Pennies back and on to the canyon floor as Pennies raced away into the darkness.

A few days had past and Pennies was very lost. He had been wandering through the red rock canyon but had not been able to find his way back to Jack. There had been no sign of the calf either. Just when Pennies was about to give up he heard a quite “moo” he looked high and low and then he saw the baby cow! She was curled up under a bush hiding from the desert sun. Pennies trotted over to the calf and nuzzled her cheek as if to say “it’s alright, I’ll get you home.”

Finally, off in the distance Pennies heard a familiar whistle and pounding hooves. Jack appeared from the shadows around a pile of boulders with his fellow cowboys. “Pennies! He shouted! There you are!”

Pennies galloped to his cowboy’s side and neighed happily. “You even found the calf! I can’t believe it!” Jack swung the calf over Pennies saddle and the hopped on himself. Happy to be reunited, the team began the journey back home safe and sound.

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