Hiking with Your Dog: Hacks | Dog Gear We LOVE

We LOVE hiking with our dogs in fact hiking is not nearly as much fun without them! I have come up with a short list of the gear we take with us on our hiking adventures!


A caribiner may sound like a super simple, and inexpensive item to be considered dog gear but, for us, it is something we use everyday, multiple times a day, along with their leashes of course. I just hooked one on the handles of each of their leashes, and that’s it.

We can hook them up just about anywhere. Trees, the jeep, the RV, benches, each other to make one handle when I’m walking them together, the possibilities are endless.

It is super convenient when we get to a campsite and need to set up. I just hook them up to whatever is available and they happily watch us set up from a small distance, rather than being inside the RV. They are not big fans of being inside when we put the slides down and extend the jacks.

If you take your dog everywhere you go having a caribiner is a MUST HAVE!

Doggie Backpack

Another great thing to have while hiking with your dog is their own backpack! It makes them feel like they have a job to do and take some of the load off of you! Oakley loves to carry her backpack with all of her favorite trail snacks and water.

Oakley has a Mountain Smith K-9 Dog Pack that fits her really well and she enjoys wearing it for long periods of time. Ella is a weird size and body shape so we have not found a pack that fits her properly yet. I may just have to modify one at some point.

Collapsible Water Bowl


Of course you have to have something for your dog to drink out of, and a collapsible water bowl works great for that! We love that you can clip it to just about anything and that it collapses down to a great size to store anywhere. Ours is rubber and is easy to clip somewhere or toss in a backpack.

Treat Pouch

A treat pouch is a must have when we take Ella out on the trail with us! There are some manners she still needs to learn and being able to reward her quickly has helped her improve drastically! This particular treat pouch, made by  PetSafe, has a belt you can wear around your waist or a clip that you can attach to your belt. The hinges hold the bag open so you can get the treats easily and also holds it closed so they don’t spill out.

Poop Bags


It is a good idea to carry poop bags with you no matter where you take your dog. Even hiking through the woods, it’s important to pick up after your dog. There is nothing worse than stepping in dog poo while hiking. It is equally important to pack it out with you. Don’t be that guy who leaves the poop bag on the side of the trail, thinking “I’ll pick it up on the way out.” It’s that guy who causes dogs to be banned from trails, because that’s just gross.

Flea Collars

It is super important that your pup is protected from any fleas or ticks that could be hiding out there on the trail. I have fallen in love with these Seresto flea collars. I was so bad at putting the topical stuff on them every month and it just made their fur so oily and unpleasant to touch for several days. These flea collars last for 8 months, they can get wet, and they still work great.

Paracord Collars


Oakley and Ella both wear paracord collars that I made for them in their favorite colors, red for Ella and purple for Oakley. They are very durable and easy to wash with just soap and water. Having a ton of usable paracord on the trail could come in handy one day as well.

Let us know in the comments what you love to bring along on your hikes with you furry friend!

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