Boondocking at El Morro National Monument | Albuquerque, New Mexico

We love free camping! It’s the best, no hook ups may make it a bit of a challenge at times and finding a place to throw away garbage is a never ending search but it well worth it. While we love meeting new people the solitude that free campsites provide are so peaceful. There is nothing better than watching the sunset in complete silence from the roof of the RV. Staying in El Malpais was no exception. It is a beautiful area right on the boarder of the Navajo Reservation. This spot was great though because there were concrete slabs with picnic tables with little shelters built over top. They also had animal proof trash cans, so awesome.

We only stayed two days, but saw A LOT in those two days. We visited a lava field, the El Morro National Monument,  we drove through the Zuni reservation, saw the Accoma settlement from afar, and finally checked out film sights from one of our favorite TV shows.

I had not seen a lave field up close before, let alone walked on it. It is certainly a rough surface, but oddly beautiful.


El Morro had a lot to see. It was a very popular place for travelers and settlers to stop because of the water hole. The passerby’s carved their names into the bluffs, which would not be an OK thing to do today, but they each left a piece of history with each carving. I’ve got to say, they had some beautiful handwriting!

We drove through a few pueblos. There was an abandoned one on top of the bluffs at El Morro and we saw the oldest settlement in North America. The Accoma pueblo has been continuously occupied sense at least A.D 1200. That’s basically sense forever. We also checked out Zuni. It was great to experience just a small piece of the Native American culture. They choose some beautiful places to live!

Breaking Bad was one of our favorite TV shows a few years ago, so we couldn’t be so close to Albuquerque and not go and see some of the filming locations! It was so strange how much it resembles the show. We had dinner at Twisters, and it was exactly how we expected it to be! Not very good.

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We have only have one more stop in New Mexico!


Lindsey, Gerrit, Oakley, and Ella

Thoughts are like arrows: once released, they strike their mark. Guard them well or one day you may be your own victim.

-Navajo Proverb


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