Back in Austin!

We are excited to be back in Austin, Texas! We hung out at Laura and Damon’s house for the week and enjoyed the long hot showers and family time.

We were able to ship quite a bit of mail to their house and are taking full advantage of having a temporary address. We are also getting a lot maintenance and washing done. Unfortunately, the Jeep developed the infamous “Death Wobble”  . Yeah, that doesn’t sound good, because it’s not. Damon is much more car savvy than we are so we are thankful that it started up while we were in Austin. When we took it in to get the tires rotated and realigned we were told that it was really out of wack. After getting that taken care of we haven’t had an issue. Fingers crossed that was the problem and Wendy won’t be wobbling again for a long long time!

We had a blast rock climbing, mountain biking, and cracking The Code at a local escape room. We ate a lot great food and caught up on Netfilx shows and movies. It’s been great to live in the city again for a little while.

Austin did get a few severe storms while we were there, which was pretty scary. Luckily, we were in the house and not the RV. The RV held up just fine though and no damage was done.

We completed several projects that included washing the Jeep, the dogs, and the RV, removing the carpet in the Jeep and ordering bed liner, putting our mountain bikes together, and fabricating a place to store the bikes in the RV.

We had to remove the reclining chair and flip up desk to make room for them.  We created a front fork bracket that screws directly into the floor. It should work well but we won’t know for sure until we drive down some bumpy roads. Check out how we made it in this blog post/video.

We had a blast hanging out at Laura and Damon’s! We wouldn’t have been able to visit them twice this year already, let alone for this amount of time.

We miss you guys already!


Lindsey, Gerrit, Oakley, and Ella




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