Beach Camping on Boulivar Peninsula

Camping on the beach was a new experience for us and the Boulivar Peninsula was the perfect place to do it! The sand was really well packed and we didn’t feel like we would get stuck even in our large class A.


It was not the prettiest beach and there was quite a bit of trash on the sand and in the water. You could see the huge barde ships off in the distance and could tell by the look of the water that a lot of large vessels travel in and out of that area. Let’s just say it wasn’t very blue.

But the weather was fantastic and the beach was beautiful all the same.

Camping on the beach does come with it’s own set of challenges. You have to keep an extra close eye on the weather, more specifically the wind strength and direction. But you also have to keep a watchful eye on the tide. The last thing you want is to be parked too close to the water during high tide. If you are too close, you run the risk of being swept away in the ocean during the night. That would be very bad. Another thing that makes camping on the beach challenging is the sand. It is seriously everywhere. I may not ever get it out of the RV or the Jeep. haha.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 3.18.26 PM

With all that being said I defiantly see some more beach camping in our future. Listening to the waves crashing as we fell asleep, waking up to the birds song’s in the morning, and watching Oakley splash in the waves during the day makes it all worth it.


Lindsey, Gerrit, Oakley, and Ella


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