Chattanooga, Tennessee | Climbing, Biking, & Hiking

We are making our way back to our home town, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make one last stop in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There is SO much to do there as far as climbing and mountain biking is concerned. We stayed at Marion County Park, which was pretty nice over all. Our site was pretty un-level but it was nice to look out over the Tennessee River. We also celebrated Ella’s first “gottcha” day! It has been one year sense we welcomed Ella into our home, and we are glad we did! She is so full of life and has lots of love and kisses to give.

We had one day to rock climb. It was a great crag with so many routes! Many of them were wet from all the rain the area had gotten over the past few days. So we picked one out that was supposed to be pretty easy and was dry. Apparently we were a little rusty, because we were feeling it! But we decided to both sit up at the top and look out over the town. It was truly beautiful.

The next day we went mountain biking. The trails were awesome! There were so many of them, that we wished we had had more time to ride them all! We had to ride on the road to get to the trail we wanted to do, then we road several different trail systems. They don’t have a great way to connect the trails and make a loop so we had to ride back on the road a few times to do a really fun down hill section and then again to get back to the jeep.

On our final day in Tennessee we couldn’t choose between biking or climbing so we decided to take the dogs on a nice hike to Foster Falls.

While our traveling adventures are going to slow down for the month of May we are beginning a new adventure of remodeling the inside of Georgie! So stay tuned for some cool transformation videos!


Lindsey, Gerrit, Oakley, and Ella


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