RV Renovation : Prepping for New Floor, & Paint

When we bought our RV we loved the layout, not necessarily the decor. It was very dated and very green. The carpet was the worst part. Our little vacuum could not handle the thick carpet fibers. The pup hair was especially difficult to vacuum off that carpet.

We returned to our home town for the month of May to, first and for most, see and spend time with our family. But second, we wanted to tear into the RV and make it our own!

We started with the dreadful carpet and started ripping it up. In RVs they lay all of the flooring down even before they put the walls up so we had to cut the carpet along the walls. There were so many staples! The hardest part about it was cutting around everything from the walls, cabinets, and the bed. We removed what we could, like the couch and dinette but the caption’s chairs were there to stay.

We would have needed a special tool to get the caption’s chairs out so we decided to cut around them instead.

There was a lot of discussion about what to do with the carpet around the base of the shower, yes, you read that right. There was carpet in the bathroom and later we learned that the carpet was actually laid under the shower. We cut away what we could with out taking the shower out (that sounded like a risky job that we should avoid) we got rid of most of it!

We also couldn’t decide what to do with the carpet on the engine cover aka “the doghouse” and opted just to leave it as is. We already knew that we were leaving the chairs green up there so it didn’t bother us that the dog house stayed the same as well.

Never had we ever painted cabinets, or walls before, let alone walls and cabinets in an RV. After a lot of research and deliberation we decided to sand everything first as well as apply a coat of primer. We went with a primer from Valspar. It is an interior latex paint that is stain blocking, sealing, and bonding. Check out the link below for more details.


The primer really did it’s job! It bonded to the real wood, fake wood, and anything else it touched. We learned that when painting an RV taping it is probably not the best idea. There is no way you can get it all done in just one day and it will dry in between the primer and actual paint coats.

After tearing into the RV and removing all the gross green, we took off all the cabinet doors and drawers so we could prime everything else inside the RV.

The renovation continues…

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