How To: Laying Flooring and Trim in an RV

Gerrit worked incredibly hard on our new floor. With the help of my Dad and his tools, the flooring is what makes the RV transformation so amazing. We weighed a lot of options when it came to the floor and have been MORE than pleased with our choice.

We went with vinyl snap in flooring that is not nailed/glued/etc. to the subfloor. We felt that was a great option because we change climates often we didn’t want glue or adhesive to expand and contract with humidity. We also move a lot and on some pretty bumpy roads. We didn’t want nails popping up with the possibility we could step on one.

The floating floor is flexible so it could move with the RV, durable to withstand our travels and crazy dogs, and also super cool looking!

Like any major project we ran into a few problems, but there was nothing we couldn’t solve!

The subfloor in the cab (very front) of the RV sat lower than the rest of the subfloor in the rest of the RV. My Dad and Gerrit tossed a ton of ideas around, like sanding it down into a ramp, or using epoxy make a ramp. Instead, though, Dad had the idea to use a sheet of lauan to raise the subfloor in the front. It wasn’t going to be flush, but it sure did make the slope less dramatic.


Now it was time to move onto laying the rest of the floor!

Getting started was the hardest part. Dad laid a thin board down the center of the RV so there would be a square place to start and so that there would be pieces laid straight from the front to the back of the RV.

Cutting the pieces was no joke. There were a lot of tricky, small cuts that had to be made. Most of them were not straight. In order to cut it Gerrit and Dad had to use a utility knife and then snap the board on their cut, hoping not to crack it. Some pieces were lost, but they got the hang of it! Their hard work and sore knees paid off because it looks fabulous!

There is no cookie cutter way to remodel an RV. Everyone is going to do it a bit differently, especially when it comes to trimming it out. We had to get creative and thanks to my Dad’s mad caulking skills, corner cutting, and attention to detail, Gerrit was able learned a ton and knock it out of the park! It turned out so beautiful!

Have any questions about the products we used or about the process? Leave a comment!


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