How To: Paint Hardware, Cabinet Doors, and Drawers in an RV

I have never done so much painting in all of my life. While it is a ton of work it is so worth it. After getting the entire interior of the RV painted with two or three coats it was time for Gerrit to get started on the floor and for me to finish painting everything else.


I wasn’t too worried about getting the primer perfect, I just threw it on there pretty thin and then took my time with the actual paint. Everything took two coats. I had forgotten to label which doors and drawers were supposed to be white and which were gray. But because we have already been living in the RV and I left all of our stuff in the drawers I could tell what went where and therefore which color it should be. The doors were a little more tricky. I ended up having to bring them back in the RV to figure out which were supposed to be gray.

I honestly wasn’t sure how painting the hardware was going to turn out. I read several blogs to narrow down what kind of spray paint to use and I ended up with Rust-olum. It was a universal spray paint and primer. It said that it was a flat black but it turned out a bit glossy, which I liked.

I read that the trick is multiple coats. I did four coats on all the handles. On the hinges I just did two coats, because those aren’t touched as much. At first I was punching the screws threw the cardboard to paint the screw heads but that was just too time consuming so I ended up painting the screw heads after everything was back up with a q-tip and a puddle of the spray paint in a cut off water bottle.

I let them dry for two days before putting them on the drawers and doors again. I probably should have waited even longer and let the hardware sit in the sun longer. I had put them all in a bag and they chipped a little when they brushed up against each other. Also when I put the hinges back on, I put them on backwards and because they were still a bit tacky, when I took them back off and switched them they now look like this… Not a big deal because it’s on the inside, but a little sad.


All and all I think it all turned out beautiful!

If you have any questions about how I did something or what products worked for us please feel free to ask!


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