The Badlands National Park

Back on the road again! 900 miles later we are not in Indiana anymore. We are back in the west ready to start a new adventure. This adventure was extra special because my little sister, Kara, was hanging on for the ride! #karasroadtrip17

I was so excited to spend some time with my sister and show her, just a small part, of the beautiful country we live in.

The adventures begin in South Dakota at the Badlands National Park. We found a great boondocking sight that over looked the National Grasslands on one side and the Badlands on the other.


We really did not know what to expect, but we weren’t disappointed. The Badlands is a very unique desert environment. The terrain is a very course sand and there are a lot of bison, praire dogs (who have the plaque, apparently), rattle snakes, and big horn sheep. The rock formations were like nothing we’d ever seen. Though, there were some aspects of the Badlands that reminded Gerrit and I of the Petrified  Forest National Forrest. 

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We saw a TON of wildlife! We could have done without seeing, and Kara stepping on, the snakes, but the other animals were very cool.

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Kara and I, while Gerrit was working, explored a tourist stop called Wall Drug. All along the highway we saw signs for Wall Drug, so we had to go see what the fuss was all about.

Wall Drug has a pretty interesting story. The town of Wall is very small with only a population of 882. Way back in this 1930s that population was even smaller. The Hustead family bought a failing drug store in the town of Wall South Dakota. You can read the whole story here, but what made them rich and famous was that they gave away free water to travelers on their way to Yellowstone, which made folks stop in their store and there for tourism because an industry in the town of Wall.

Now Wall Drug is a strip of gift shops and good food. We also got our free water and road a Jackalope.


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