The Black Hills | Mount. Rushmore | Crazy Horse | Custer State Park

During #karasroadtrip17 we spent about 5 days in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We stayed at an RV park just 15 minutes away from Mount. Rushmore and all of the rock climbing. We were able to get Kara up on some fun climbs both around Mount. Rushmore and at Custer State Park.

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We really loved the landscape of the Black Hills, it was so different from the desert and grasslands. The towering pine trees, lakes, streams, and granite spires were truly beautiful. Kara and I also visited Jewel Cave. It was the most colorful cave I had even seen!

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On our drive through Custer we saw tons of deer and bison. They were everywhere! We even saw some burros who used to give rides in the park but have sense been set free to graze in the valleys.

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We took an 8 mile hike to the very top of Elk Peak. There is a fire tower at the very top were we enjoyed 360 views and a snack. Oakley and Ella had a blast getting back out on the trail sniffing and looking over the ledges.

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We did stop and check out Crazy Horse. It was a bust, for sure. We paid 28 dollars to park and you couldn’t get close to it at all. It’s not completed yet which is crazy because Mount. Rushmore was completed in less time and they have modern technology now. We are convinced that they have some funding issues.

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It was a great experience to visit Mount. Rushmore. We even checked out the Illumination Ceremony. They have it every evening, where there is a video played and then they light up the statue at 9:30. The presidents depicted on the mountain from left to right are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. We learned a lot about how they built it but more importantly, why they built it in the first place. In the 1920s Americans were very proud to live in our country, so to show the world how successful America was they wanted to build something awesome. Mount. Rushmore is in fact awesome. Visiting it makes you step back in time, forget about whats going on in our country currently, so you can feel prideful and thankful to live in this United States.

The Black Hills is an area you must see at least once in your lifetime. It’s truly beautiful!


Lindsey, Gerrit, Oakley, and Ella


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