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I did a lot of research about capsule wardrobes and what they are supposed to look like. What I learned is there is not a set way or complete guide book about how to condense your wardrobe. The most important thing to do is set a goal for what you want to achieve. Pick a number if you have to, but know that as long as you are happy with the end result, you’ve done it right!

For us, we only have a total of 22 spots- each- available in our RV to hang cloths. Of course we will have folded items as well but it is important to us to keep the amount of cloths we have to a minimum. Our closet space is not completely packed tight either. You want to have some breathing room so it is easy to take things in and out. Gerrit likes to roll his things, he thinks it’s easier to see everything that way. There is even room underneath to store some shoes and winter cloths.

We decided that having at least two weeks worth of socks and underwear was more than enough for us to bring with us on this journey. I did get some dividers for our drawers to help everything fit in the tiny drawers.


I also wanted to make sure we had a variety of items for different seasons so we can be prepared to dress for any kind of weather we may encounter. I did have to get a little creative on how to store these items efficiently. I used shower curtain rings to hang my tank tops, hats, and scarfs.


I have always been the kind of girl to wear a lot of neutral things so I was super excited to embrace that about myself and outfit my wardrobe with some higher quality items that can be mixed and matched with just about anything! I found that Columbia had a lot if great high quality pieces I could add to my wardrobe with our breaking the bank. Gerrit agreed with me as well and so began operation wardrobe take over!

Some of my favorite Columbia items are my purple vest, black shirt, green pants.

I am also in love with my Keen sandals. They are great just to slip on at the camp site or to wear on a moderate hike. While they may not be the most attractive sandals, they are practical, comfortable, and I feel good about wearing them.

In the beginning, to help me complete my capsule wardrobe I made a list of all the different kinds of pieces I already had and then left gaps for the things I wanted to add. I put together several different outfits by just switching and adding a few items. Now that we’ve been on the road for a while I revisit our cloths every month to see if there is something that needs to be replaced, added, or tossed out.

Now, when I make my list, I organize my cloths into categories that match which activity they are for and if it works for more than one activity.

Layering has a whole new meaning when it comes to having a capsule wardrobe. Leggings have become a staple in most wardrobes and I have embraced it! They are comfortable and go with everything. I love longer flowing tops that you can throw with leggings and create an everyday outfit or one that’s great for a night out.

Obviously this isn’t all of my cloths but this gives you an idea of how you can mix and match pieces of your wardrobe. Be creative and feel good about what you’re wearing! The better you feel in your cloths the more confident you will look!

When you have fewer things to wear you will have to wash them maybe more often than you typically would and you may have to replace things. But if you are not wasting money on cloths you never wear you will feel good about spending money on the things that you will get great use out of and get your moneys worth.

It is also important to me not to accumulate too many items during our travels. If something comes in, most likely something else has to go out. So far I’ve only gotten one souvenir t-shirt on our travels and I wear all the time because it’s so comfortable. If you find something that you absolutely know you’re going to LOVE you don’t have to feel bad getting it because you’re not going out every week buying new cloths, just to stuff your closet.

Of course I can’t forget about the boys! They have it so easy… Gerrit loves how his Columbia gear look on him and they have a comfortable fit. He wears this outfit out climbing, hiking, and out to dinner.

The main point behind this post and having a minimalist wardrobe is to love every single thing that you wear and have it meet your needs everyday. If your wardrobe doesn’t do that it’s time to downsize to your FAVORITE things and then ONLY buy things you absolutely love.

2 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe| RV Living

  1. My problem is that I wear clothing that’s too small for me anyways… I need to start justifying clothing that fits.. Most of my shirts are from my high school days… ;D

    Those are some good looking outfits you both are wearing. Love the purple!

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