Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks | Wyoming

After Devils Tower we made our way to Grand Teton National Park. We found an amazing boondocking spot close to Grand Teton. The misquotes were bad but this view was worth it.


Kara and I went horse back riding. Kara had never ridden a horse before so she was pretty stoked. The ride was an hour long through beautiful pines and across creeks. Kara’s horse was perfectly well behaved and followed the guide no problem, my horse on the other hand… he was mischievous to say the least. He would slow way down then go real fast to catch up to the group, despite me urging him to keep up. He would walk just off the trail and try to scratch an itch on every tree we passed pushing my leg into said trees. It was a lot of fun though! Kara and I were the only ones on the ride which was awesome . We saw a lot for bear sign, like rubbed up trees and tracks Our goal while in Grand Teton and Yellowstone was to see some wild bears, from the car.


We did a lot of scenic drives throughout Grand Teton, Gerrit and I plan on returning to hike to the top of Disappointment peak, maybe in August.


We took an entire day and drove an hour from our boondocking spot to Yellowstone National Park. It was really awesome! We saw all of the major attractions and the traffic wasn’t that bad, which surprised us. We were able to spot several black bears, which was awesome! They were really far away so we weren’t able to get good photos. There were some awesome waterfalls and wild flowers as well.


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The geysers and hot springs were fascinating, just gorgeous, steamy, and somewhat smelly! Especially Old Faithful, it was so cool to see the famous geyser go off!

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On our way back to the RV we had to go through Grand Teton one more time, and that is when we finally saw a Grizzly! There were a ton of photographers standing on the side of the road, so we stopped to see what all the fuss was about. I’m glad we did because it was really cool to see, even though we didn’t get a good photo.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 10.05.22 AM.png

But here is a photo of Jenny Lake! So pretty!


Yellowstone was an awesome stop on #karasroadtrip17! But our time with her was starting to come to an end as we began the drive to Boise, Idaho.



2 thoughts on “Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks | Wyoming

  1. Gotta’ love those “misquotes”…they’ll git’cha every time. 😉 I do have one suggestion. Spend a little time searching for different words to use when the urge strikes you to use “awesome”. I saw one short paragraph here where “awesome” showed up no less than three times. Lot’sa good words out there to make things more interesting – wonderful, great, beautiful, awe-inspiring, waaaay-cool, very nice, intriguing, gorgeous…see, easy, and that’s only a few.

    Other than that, your trip looks like fun, and those snow-capped mountains are really nice to see.


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