8 Months of RV Living | What We’ve Learned

I can not believe that we have been living in an RV for 8 months! It is so crazy to think that at this same time last year we were looking for RVs and figuring out how to make this crazy dream a reality.


We have spent the night in 19 states! That’s insane! Only 31 more to go! I love that I have my own opinion and mental imagine for all of these different places. We have taken up new outdoor actives and have gotten pretty good at them! Climbing and mountain biking have been great ways to explore an area. We have either climbed or mountain biked in 14 of those states.


While we are not experts by any means there are a few things we have learned while being on the road these past 8 months.

We have put our Good Sam, and Passport America memberships to good use. PA has saved us a lot of money on RV parks while our Good Sam card has saved us a lot of money on RV repairs as well as some RV Parks. These are two memberships we would recommend to any full time traveler. They have paid for themselves after the first use.

We have loved the challenge of finding free places to stay. Boondocking in National Forrest or on BLM land is our favorite but we have learned to love the occasional Cracker-Barrel, Cabelas, or Walmart stay. ย We have discovered that free places to stay are easier or more difficult to find depending on what part of the country you are in. The south west is a free camping meca and it’s amazing. Its a lot harder to find boondocking in the mountainous west and east of the Mississippi River. You can’t go wrong with an RV resort on occasion, especially if they have a hot tub.


We are big fans of fixing things ourselves and we have had our fair share of repairs. Goop is one tool that has become a staple in our house on wheels. It can fix just about anything on the cheap!

We have also loved our pressure cooker. I can make so many different dishes in it really quickly. It is also our largest pot so I make soups and chili in it as well. It’s a great tool to encourage us to eat healthy and save money by eating at home.


One lesson we had to learn the hard way was to research potentially harmful things in all the different environments we go to. Rattlesnakes live in more places than you would think and even some plants can be harmful to dogs, especially Foxtails and Cheat Grass.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 3.18.26 PM

One of the most important things we have gained, so far, from this journey is to push ourselves in the activities we enjoy and to step out of our comfort zone and meet new people. ย We have gained some incredible friends that I know we will have for a lifetime.


I know there is so much more we have learned and so much we have yet to learn on this journey. But we wouldn’t trade this life for anything! Every day is a good day and just realizing that has changed the way we think and handle everything that life throws at us.


If we can live happily in 272 square feet with two hairy pups and with the only constant being the unknown we can do anything!


3 thoughts on “8 Months of RV Living | What We’ve Learned

  1. Time flies by, we have been FT for a little over 3 months now and like you it seems just yesterday we were trying to decide on the right RV. Have yet to stay on BLM land but PA is definitely a money saver! Saved twice the annual fee the first week! Had an incredible experience last week, were in a State park in TN and ran into a couple withe a 3 month old Aussie who had a ball with our 7 month old. I was amazed how much the Aussies have in common including eating rocks?

    Enjoy you travels!

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    1. Hahaha! Oakley wasn’t a rock eater, even as a pup. But she LOVES jumping on rocks and getting dangerously close to the edge of cliffs to look over the edge.


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