Exploring In & Around Boise, Idaho

There is so much to fit in this blog post! We spent a lot of time in Boise, Idaho. And it’s not exactly what we expected. It’s actually in a valley at the base of the foothills. The terrain is very deserty with shrubbery and tall grasses.


Kara left from the tiny Boise airport to make the journey back to Indiana. I am so glad she got to travel with us for a little while! She was great company to have along and we miss her!


We found a pretty decent boondocking spot, but there were a lot of people coming and going near our spot to hike and bike the trails. The road was really bumpy to be traveling back and forth from town on too. We stayed there for about a week and went mountain biking. We really enjoyed the “Around the Mountain” trail at Bogus Basin, but were not thrilled with the biking in the foothills. There was just a crazy amount of climbing you have to do in 100 degree heat for a short down hill. We also spent a night in our tent. We love all of our new backpacking gear and can’t wait to put it to good use!

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We decided to leave Boise for a week and head to Twin Falls. Just a few hours north of Boise to escape the heat. There we stayed at campground to fill our water tank and be able to use the A/C. We visited several waterfalls and did some rock climbing. Our favorite part was the Shoshone Falls. They were just beautiful!

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While we were parked at an RV park in Twin Falls we decided to take a day trip to City of Rocks to do a 500 foot multi pitch climb. It was absolutely incredible.

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Our good friends Steve and Tess from The More We Explore were on their way to Boise for a family reunion so we went back to meet up with them. We went back to our same boondocking spot as before, just not quite so far up the washboard road. Turns out that spot was worse then before. We nicknamed it “make-out point” because at sunset a ton of high school kids would park right next too us and steam up their windows, drink, smoke, and play loud music. It was BEYOND annoying. We also had our first run in with theft while were there. I had left my plants outside to get some sun and someone stole them and our door mat! Not cool.

What was even worse was the amount of cheat grass surrounding the site. We had heard of foxtails and thought we knew what those looked like. However, cheat grass is very similar and we didn’t know it could do the same damage as foxtails. Oakley had started coughing, just randomly one evening and we didn’t think too much of it until later that same day, Gerrit was playing fetch with Ella and she got some cheat grass in her ear. She was shaking her head violently and would squeal if you touched the base of her ear. She kept that ear flat and was even walking sideways. We took her to the emergency vet right away and sure enough there was cheat grass stuck in her ear. She had to be sedated to get it out. She was so hilarious drugged up!

But now we were pretty sure Oakley had the same devil grass stuck in her throat. So I took her in the next day, and sure enough she did. She too had to be sedated. She was more pitiful than funny and because her hair is so long they had to shave her leg to put the IV in and she looks goofy. But the important part is that she is healthy!

We have learned our lesson about cheat grass and foxtails and will NEVER park near them EVER again.

Luckily, we got to have a blast with Steve and Tess! We rode more of the fun trails up at Bogus Basin and were able to shuttle so that cut out the ridiculous climbing. After their family reunion they invited us to come pack in Tess’s Aunt’s drive way and we could not have been more thankful! It was so much fun to meet their family.


Over the Fourth of July we took a mini off roading trip up into the mountains. It was awesome to see more of Idaho, that wasn’t desert. The pine trees and alpine lakes and wild flowers were just what we needed. We camped in the middle of nowhere with only the deer as neighbors, swam in Warm Lake, and took a gnarly road complete with river crossings and downed trees. The dogs got to play in the snow while it was still 85 degrees outside and Ella played hours of fetch.

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After three weeks in Boise we are moving on to Sun Valley, for hopefully some cooler temps and no cheat grass!


Lindesey, Gerrit, Oakely, and Ella

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