The Ranch | Clayton, Idaho Population 7

It is so great to be able to visit with family in a new place. Especially when that place is rural Idaho. After meeting Gerrit’s parents, Penny and Dave, in Sun Valley we made our way to Stanley to do some exploring. We got our first good views of the Sawtooth mountains.


Stanley lake was so beautiful and tranquil. The water wasn’t warm but we all wished we had our swim suites with us to jump in and cool off! The water was just so refreshing!

Stanley is the cutest little town with a heavy “wild west” vibe. They make a great burgar and have a great ice cream shop too.

Gerrit’s parents rented a little ranch house through Airbnb. It was a a bit run down, but with plenty of room for the pups to roam. The western decor and ancient dishes matched the setting perfectly.

The owners were BEYOND nice and you could really tell they wanted us to have a great experience. They even let Gerrit and I park the RV on the property. The house and the detached building, previously a Laundromat turned game room, was full of memorabilia and history from the area.  The owners were very interesting people to say the least. They had so many great stories and tales from their lives of traveling the world and the town of Clayton. They gave us some great intel on some things to do in the area, including hot springs and dangerous mountain roads.

IMG_20170712_193655IMG_20170726_124656_02Don’t ask me where we found this gem. You just have to know the right folks to find it. 🙂

We came across more dead animals than live ones and a rattle snake that we put out of its misery when it got hit by a car.

The views were fantastic and very different from others we have seen. The high desert is a unique environment. The crazy high Salmon River and damage from avalanches and landslides were evidence to that. The previous winter they had was a rough one. We were also surprised by all of the wildfire damage. While the trees suffered the wildflowers flourished.

The Jeep was in the shop getting new brakes and tires which was sad because there were some roads we wanted to go on that the rental car could not do. But all in all we walked away from that week with some great stories, memories, and laughs!

Of course, the Jeep was finished after Penny and Dave had to leave from the Boise Airport. But Gerrit and I couldn’t pass up the chance to use the new tires and head up to Railroad Ridge.

The views were incredible!

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It was a real treat to share our lifestlye with family and we can’t wait for them to come back! Next time will be during peak color in Colorado. I’m just a little bit excited!!! 🙂


Lindsey, Gerrit, Oakley, & Ella

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