Glacier National Park |Montana

I had always wanted to visit Montana. Ever sense I was a little girl, Montana, in my mind, was were wild horses roamed free and the snow capped mountains were the home to mountain lions. While these things are true of Montana, the imagines I had produced in my mind were from Glacier National Park and not the state as a whole.

The majority of Montana is high desert and vast plains. Which are a beautiful sight, but not what I was expecting. Glacier was gorgeous and very unique. However, it did remind me a lot of places we had seen in Colorado last summer.

I didn’t get to see my wild horses, so Gerrit has promised to take me back one day, just for them.


The campground we were staying at was near Flathead Lake, which is a HUGE lake that is crystal clear and so much fun to swim in, but still several hours away from the national park. Steve and Tess were staying in the same RV park with us and we did quite a bit of mountain biking.

We decided to make a weekend trip out of visiting the national park because we wanted to ride at the Whitefish Ski Resort, which was on the way to the park. We dropped the pups off at daycare for the day and had a blast riding at the resort! The pups were POOPED when we picked them up. Huge thanks to Columbia Mountain Kennels! They took great care of these crazy girls!

That night we camped on banks of the flathead river where we washed off in the freezing cold fast flowing water and made an epic camp fire.

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That next morning we drove through the park on “Going-to-the-Sun Road.” It was beautiful and reminded all of us of some gnarly Colorado mountain passes. We visited “Many Glacier” and just enjoyed all of the beautiful views. It was a perfect Sunday drive.

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If you get the chance to got to Glacier National Park you certainly should hike to see the glaciers up close! That is one thing I would have liked to do when we were there.


Lindsey, Gerrit, Oakley, and Ella

Psalm 77:12

I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds.

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