5 RV Kitchen Hacks I Wish I Knew Before Full Time RV Living

Are you afraid of cooking and baking in your RV kitchen? It can be a bit intimidating at first. Whether it be a convection oven or propane, it’s much different from a traditional sticks and bricks kitchen. While the appliances might appear to be the same, but mini, they run a bit differently. I was quite nervous the first few times cooking in our motorhome, but here are 5 hacks that have helped me!

#1 Vent Your Propane Oven or Stove

We have a mini oven in our motorhome that runs off propane. While propane is much more efficient than gas or electric it can be a bit dangerous. The most important thing to remember is to open your overhead fan or at the very least a few windows. If you forget chances are everything will be fine, but don’t put yourself or your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or a fire. Just by turning that fan on you GREATLY reduce your risks. Also make sure your carbon monoxide and fire detectors are working properly. It is also, always a good idea to have a fire extinguisher that is easily accessible. Make sure it’s not expired.

#2 Mini Pans


Normal sized pans are not going to fit in your new oven and the ones you can buy at Camping World are SO expensive! I got mine at the Dollar Tree, for you guessed it, one dollar. And they work GREAT! They might need to be replaced a bit more frequently, but who cares when the replacement is a buck.

#3 Plastic Sink

If you are one of the lucky RV owners, who sink is stainless steal, count your blessings. I would highly recommend replacing a plastic sink if you have one. While we have not been able to do that yet, I hope to some day. If you’re not living in your RV full time having a plastic sink is probably totally fine, but for full time living it’s not ideal. There is not a lot of counter space as it is so tend to balance dishes on the edge of the sink or on top of the sink cover, which is also plastic. That works just fine unless it’s a hot cookie sheet or boiling hot pot. I put a dirty pan in the sink, and it has to stick out a little because it’s bigger than the sink, it was just a little too hot still and it melted the edge of the sink. Not cool.

#4 Cut Sponges in Half

This is one I learned from my mother-in-law. It applies to normal kitchens as well, because who doesn’t love saving a little extra when you can. Cut your sponges in half! Think about it, you don’t need the whole thing, you only use the corner of it to scrub that dried cereal out of the bowl. So I cut all my sponges in half, so they last twice as long, take up less room in my sink, and they are darn adorable!

#5 Drying Mat


Unless your RV is super fancy, then you don’t have a dish washer. But one thing that has saved me tons of time is a small drying mat. I got it at target and it fits perfectly over my stove top. It folds up easily when we use the stove top and adds a little color to the kitchen.


If you have any other RV Kitchen Hacks that have worked wonders for you, please share them in the comments below! 

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