Salt Lake City, Utah | Backpacking to Hardy Lake

People often ask us what our favorite place we have been is. While we can’t narrow it down to a specific city/area just yet, Utah is our favorite state so far. It’s just amazing. You have the red rock scenery in the south, and the pines, and aspen trees in the north.


We did some awesome stuff in Salt Lake, but didn’t scratch the surface of all the amazing things to do there.

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We did go on a crazy bike ride in the mountains with Steve and Tess that turned into us dodging lighting bolts and basically riding a slip and slide to the bottom of the mountain. It was a ride none of us will soon forget! So muddy!

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Gerrit and I really enjoyed climbing in AF canyon. The limestone cliffs made for some awesome climbing.

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We went on our hardest hike/backpacking trip to date, to Hardy Lake. Steve and Tess suggested this hike to us, and warned us how hard it was, but the views were totally worth it. Being that deep in nature is an experience unlike one we have ever had before. It was only 6 miles in and 6 miles back but with 5,000 + of elevation gain. Needless to say our calves, ankles, and knees were feeling it the whole next week after.  Wow, is still all I can say about this backpacking trip.

We quickly learned that nature doesn’t actually want you there. Our God is more powerful than we mortals could ever know. A storm rolled in, like it usually does, in the mountains at night.

The thunder and lighting echoing off the mountains, just above us, was frightening. As we laid huddled in our sleeping bags, wide awake, we talked about how small we actually are and how helpless we felt while waiting out the storm. We chose the safest camp sight possible to keep away from the lighting, but that didn’t change the fact that we could feel the rumble of the thunder through the ground and see the lighting flashes through tightly closed eyes.

I had never felt so much like a guest whose over stayed their welcome in the mountains unforgiving environment. We made it through the night untouched, but changed by the experience of witnessing God’s natural power over us. And the beauty of it all? He created all of it for us!

The way back down the 5,000 feet was rough, I’m not gonna lie. The sense of relief when we reached the car was overwhelming and it felt so good to eat a hot meal at Chills and nap the rest of day. That whole next week we were sore beyond belief, but this experience it was well worth it.

Would I hike to Hardy Lake again? Never say never, but probably not. 😉


Lindsey, Gerrit, Oakley, and Ella


Jeremiah 10:12

It is he who made the earth by his power,
who established the world by his wisdom,
and by his understanding stretched out the heavens.


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