How To Get Rid of Mice in Your RV QUICKLY in 3 Easy Steps

Recently, we had a mouse infestation in our RV. It was the most disgusting thing EVER to come home to after our backpacking trip.

But, I think it’s just one of those things we as RVers end up having to deal with at some point or another. After the whole experience I realized that we got rid of them really quickly, so I wanted to share with you all, how we did it!

  1. Investigate

There was quite a bit of detective work that went into getting rid of those little boogers. First, we sealed off any gaps or cracks with foam or other methods to help keep them from getting in. We waited until night fall, when they are most active, to track their movements. We followed them from the water bay into the furnace and learned that they were traveling though the heat ducts.

2. Traps/Repellent

As soon as I could I went to ACE Hardware and got a few classic snap traps, some live traps, and Fresh Cab. The key is trap placement and peanut butter After you have thoroughly investigated and have learned how their getting in and where they are hanging out the most, you can set your traps. I put traps in all four bays that are connected to the water bay, which is where we were seeing them most often. We also kept catching them in the sink so I put some traps on the counter top and on behind the rash can, because I kept finding droppings in that area. To start I put the Fresh Cab in the areas I wasn’t seeing them. In the bathroom and bedroom. We also changed locations, which cut off the source of the infestation. I know sometimes that’s not possible but they really helped.

3. Catch Mice

After all the traps were set, you just have to wait. I’d give your traps at least one night work before relocating them. Hopefully, you will start catching them and the mouse evidence will start decreasing. A few days went by and after catching less mice every day I started replacing the traps with more Fresh Cab, until we were mouse free for an entire week!

Excellent PI work and Fresh Cab was defiantly the secret to our success. Have any of you had to deal with a mouse problem? How did you solve it?  Leave a comment below!

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