The Hardest Part of RV Life

The hardest thing for me, about living in an RV is being away from our family and friends. We have met some incredible people and have made life long friends during this journey, but it still can be hard to be a way from those special people in your life, that we used to see all the time.

When I start to miss them, the first thing I do is call them and try to catch up on whats going on in their lives. Social media helps with that so you don’t feel like you have nothing to talk about, but I’ve learned to just be the one to call. Sitting around, waiting for them to call me isn’t a good strategy. And that’s not their fault by any means, to them, us living in an RV sounds like we’re on a vacation all the time, or we’re always really busy. While that’s not true, that’s their first thought so they don’t want to call you for fear we’re too busy to answer. Which is completely understandable! So I am the one to make the call most times and that’s totally fine!

Talking to them on the phone isn’t the same as catching up in person, but it’s better than letting those relationships slip through the cracks.

I am reminded everyday of those special people in my life by things that we see or activities we do. For example, we parked in a boondocking site with TONS of wild sunflowers all around. My very dear friend, Hannah, LOVES sunflowers. And they reminded me of her, so I cut some and put them in a jar on our table for the week and I sent her a picture.


There are so many more examples of this everywhere we go. I often find myself saying, “my dad would love it here, there are so many deer!”, or “my mom would love these little purple flowers.” I think it’s important to share those things with them in a text or picture, not to rub it in their face or anything like that, but just to let them know you’re thinking of them during this crazy RV journey.


I also remind myself that we wouldn’t have had the courage to take the leap into this lifestyle with out them! With out their encouragement and support we couldn’t have made this awesome life happen! For that, I am so grateful for our family and friends, who didn’t call us crazy and who said “you need to do this!”

They were right, we did need to do this and I am SO glad we did.

The BEST is when they are able to come visit us. At the beginning of the summer my younger sister, Kara, took a three week trip with us. She is a senior in high school now so it was a great thing for me to have been able to spend some one on one time with her. She surprised me with her intrests in history and the new environments we were exploring.

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Staying in the RV with us is not the most “comfortable” stay in the world but she stuck it out and I am so glad we were able to make those memories together.

Gerrit’s parents, Penny and Dave, visited us in Idaho this summer as well. It was fun parking at the ranch and being able to use a house shower for a week. Idaho is not a place they would have typically visited, but somewhere they wanted to go. Us being there gave them the excuse to do that, which is pretty cool!

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My parents, Mark and Jenny, made the long drive from Indiana to Colorado to visit us this fall. They had never been so far west and Gerrit and I were so happy to have been their tour guide. They loved the mountains, and we loved showing them! We had some incredible adventures and made some great memories!

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Gerrit’s parents flew into Denver this fall to see the aspen trees and were able to stay with us out in the woods. Dave loved waking up in the middle of the bright yellow, crisp aspens. We even heard Elk calling in the mornings.

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I wish that we could spend more time with our family and friends, but the time we spend with them, sense we’ve began this lifestyle, is even more special. I wouldn’t trade the memories we’ve made for anything!


Lindsey, Gerrit, Oakely, and Ella

Ephesians 4:3

Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.

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