A Month in Moab

Wowza! A whole month in Moab! Staying somewhere for that long was a great experience, and we didn’t even scratch the surface of what there is to do there.


Aside for the obvious mountain biking, we did all sorts of things, from exploring the national parks, a little off roading, rock climbing, and being able to socialize with friends. Ella officially became a trail dog during a 19 mile ride through some crazy terrain and we couldn’t be more proud. 🙂

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We made a lot of new friends along with spending time with Steve and Tess. It never ceases to amaze me how much more fun it can be doing these amazing outdoor activities with a group of like minded people. A lot of great memories and lasting friendships were made.

As I am looking back on that month, there are a few stand out experiences that come to mind. Number one was riding The Whole Enchilada trail system with Steve and Tess. It is a 35 mile trail system with almost 9,000 feet of decent and 1,500 feet of climbing. We started at 11,000 feet elevation and ended in downtown Moab. It was a crazy day filled with snow, hail, rain, and a little sun shine!

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Another stand out experience was climbing an easy multi pitch with our new friends Rob and Sonia and then doing the hanging repel down 135 feet. And after all that, doing the “king swing”! It was freeing, terrifying, but overall an amazing experience.

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I also really enjoyed seeing so many desert arches for the first time! The only down side to spending a month in Moab was how crowed it would get on the weekends, during fall break, or if there was an event going on. I think the secret is getting out about Moab, but it really is a fantastic place!

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I am really excited to go back, but by the end of our stay, Gerrit and I were both ready to hit the open road again. We are off to the east and looking forward to spending time with our families for the holidays!


Lindsey, Gerrit, Oakley, Ella


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