Our Favorite RV Life Products

Living this nomadic lifestyle, the way that we do, comes with its own unique set of challenges that living in a house does not have. For example, its pretty tricky for us to receive mail. We love amazon and monthly subscription boxes as much as any one else, but those things are simply not an option when your zip code is changing weekly.

That has been a good thing for us! When we moved into the RV we not only adopted a minimalist attitude but also a health conscious one and applied that to our whole lives. Now, we don’t buy anything that we haven’t made room for in our budget, and concluded that it truly is something we could benefit from. Which has forced us discuss with each other about a certain purchase that we don’t make unless we both agree we need it. Because we take in a lot less, we want those products to be sustainable for the environment we love and healthy/safe for our whole family. I love that we get to figure out our finances together and are more aware of what ingredients make up the products we use. To me that is so valuable, more so than getting a barkbox in the mail every month.

A part of that, though, is truly loving the products you do buy.

So that is what this post is all about! I want to share with you my favorite products that help me take care of our tiny home. Because when you are this deliberate with your money, and only have so much space in a tiny house you want to love everything you put in it.

Mrs. Myers 


I love the lavender scent from Mrs. Myers, but what’s even better, is that their products work great, are well priced, and are made with great raw ingredients! I’m obviously not an expert but If I can pronounce most of the ingredients listed on the back of the bottle that is a pretty good indication of the quality of the product. After some more research I found that that was the case! Their web site is full of great information about their products and I appreciate how transparent they are.




Monat is an anti-aging hair care line that I am absolutely in LOVE with! The ingredients used in all of Monat’s products are naturally-based, safe, pure, and sustainable. The products work to remove build up off your hair to make it as healthy as it can possibly be. And the results are REAL! This stuff is so great for RVers because it lengthens the time you can go in between washes (there for saving water). It is a direct sales company, but don’t let that scare you away! I think it’s great because it allows you to support your friends, but also learn a lot about the product. Getting things in the mail can be tricky at times, but this on of the products that make it worth it! They last a REALLY long time too. I love what it has done for my hair! You can learn more by visiting this link! https://lvl.mymonat.com/

If you’d like to be added to my Monat FB group, just send me a message on the Living Life In Between FB page.


I am not a makeup person, I never have been and most likely never will. BUT I love Youniquie cosmetics! Their goal is to provide healthy, clean, and pure cosmetics which I think is really great. I am loving their Epic one step mascara. I have one eye shadow palette that can do it all. When I’m really feeling fancy their lip stains are amazing! They don’t rub off on anything, and last ALL day! Check out this link to learn more! subtlysarahkay.com

Norwex Cloths 


This one is absolutely one of favorites because they have drastically reduced the about of chemicals we have in our RV, which in turn has opened up a lot of storage space under our sink! https://norwex.com/ This website has a LOT of great information about reducing the use of plastics and chemicals in your home. I use the window cloths. They are great for cleaning, mirrors, windows (obviously), dash boards, or any other surface that needs dusting. All you need is a little water!


Burt’s Bees


Burts Bees EVERYTHING! From the face wipes, to the dog shampoo we use Burtz Bees when ever possible. Gerrit is addicted to the chapstick and if you haven’t seen the Netflix documentary “Burts Buzz” you need to! Clorox actually took over the company in 2007 so the ingredient list has certainly been effected. While their products are still better than most and all natural at first glance they are no longer vegan. Even still, we love the scents and how well they work! https://www.burtsbees.com/

Dog Toys 

We have greatly reduced the amount of inside dog toys Oakley and Ella have laying around. Mostly because there just isn’t much floor space and stepping on toys all the time gets old real quick. So what I do is keep some toys put away in a drawer and rotate them every so often. They get so excited because its like they are getting a new toy to play with. This helps make the toys last longer too. They really like chewing on real antlers, nylonabones, tug toys, and puzzle toys.

What are some of your favorite RV Life products? Share them in the comments below!



4 thoughts on “Our Favorite RV Life Products

  1. I love the Mrs. Myers stuff! 🙂

    One item I was wondering about that wasn’t mentioned was laundry detergent. Many of my friends are starting to make their own and it sparked my curiosity as to how you guys do laundry and what detergent you guys use?

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    1. We go to a laundromat every other week or so which can get annoying but they often have free Wifi. 🙂 Mrs. Myers makes a detergent that I LOVE. Their lavender scent is my absolute favorite. Our whole house smells like it.


  2. My hair was really unhappy after 2.5 years of low dose chemo and now it’s really curly instead of stick straight. I tried tons of conditioners trying revive it and tame the frizz. Lush retread conditioner and hair custard styling paste did it. Curly hair is really porous and mine absorbs an amazing amount of the retread conditioner. After I towel off my hair, I apply the hair custard which smells like real vanilla😊. I let my hair air dry and the curls look great. I can go a week without washing my hair and the curls still look great. The products are expensive but really worth it! The ingredients are simple and natural. They also recycle the containers.

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