A Year on the Road | 2017 in Review

November marked our first full year as full time RV nomads. It has been a great adventure so far, and no signs of stopping! We have learned more than I thought possible about, not only about this lifestyle, but about ourselves as well. So grab a cup of hot coco and get comfy, and lets relive what we’ve learned while on the open road.

Experiences are more important than possessions.

It used to be a bit weird to tell strangers that we live and travel full time in an RV. There responses go either one of two ways… “Wow, that’s so cool!” A thousand questions to follow, orrr… “Oh, that’s interesting.” End of conversation. More often than not, people are interested and don’t think you’re a total freak and really do want to know what RV life is like and what made us want to do it. So we are going to answer those “most asked” questions right now, as we reflect on the past year of travel.

How do you get your mail?

For some reason, this is the first thing that pops into someones mind. And the answer is actually really simple. Our permeant address is technically my parents address and they collect all our junk mail and important documents for us. All of our bills and things are online, so we don’t have to worry about any of that. It’s mostly junk mail that we end up throwing out anyways, but it’s fun when they bring us a huge pile of mail or we go through it when we come back to visit. As far as packages go, that can be pretty tricky. When we order something on Amazon we just have it shipped to where we are, either to a friend’s or family’s house, general delivery at the post office, or to the campground we are staying at. Getting packages can be a bit of pain especially when you’re not sure when they are going to arrive. But this can be a good thing because it encourages us to shop local and to spend less cash.

What was the hardest thing to give up?

When we get asked this question, I tend to rephrase it a bit because, in our mind we didn’t “give up” anything. Living in an RV was a choice that we made, not something that was forced upon is. That’s not the case for a lot of families around the US, which has been sad to see during our travels. But for us, it doesn’t feel like we gave up anything at all, but rather we gained so much. We spend more time together, have a bit more finical freedom, and experienced some of the most beautiful places in the States. But if there is one thing I miss most about living in a “sticks and bricks” it is a long hot shower that lasts longer than ten minutes and a bath tub.

Be smart and expect the unexpected.

What is the hardest thing about living in an RV?

The hardest part is being away from our friends and family. It’s great when they can come out and visit us and experience some amazing things, but we do miss them. On the other hand traveling has made visiting some of our family possible!

What has been your favorite place so far?

This one is alway tough because there have been some many places we call our favorite, for different reasons. However, we both always come back to either Colorado, or Utah. We don’t necessarily see our selves settling down in either of these states but we’ve had some incredible adventures in those two states.

This leads me to part two of this post. We’ve made unforgettable memories this year but I wanted to highlight just a few of our favorites.

Quality is far greater than quantity.

Backpacking in the Wind Rivers during the total solar eclipse is one of my favorite memories of all time. It was such a magical experience that I look back on and long to repeat!


Hiking Angles Landing as just so breathtakingly beautiful. The canyon landscape is not one that you see very often, especially after a dangerous hike like Angles Landing. It’s another one that I can only describe as magical.


We haven’t climbed very many multi pitch climbs but the ones we did in Idaho at City of Rocks and Castle Rock were our favorite climbs this year. We just love the adventure of being on the wall for several hours at a time and seeing the view at the top together.

Be thankful always.


This year we also took up mountain biking. It was a sport we really didn’t even know about, until our friends introduced it to us in St. George. We have gotten in great shape because of mountain biking and have gone on so many great adventures! Biking the Whole Enchilada was the most adventurous day of mountain biking we have ever done and I was so proud of how well we did and how much we improved during that ride! The most pure fun that we had on the bikes this year was in Crested Butte. We hit the trails hard and climbed to crazy heights for sick downhills! My personal favorite was the Evolution Bike park. That day was just pure fun!


Because of this lifestyle we have really changed as people, I believe for the better. This year we are going to make it our resolution to keep these things in mind and continue to be the best we can be.

There is no way to know what this year is going to bring, but I am excited for the journey!


Lindsey, Gerrit, Oakley, and Ella

6 thoughts on “A Year on the Road | 2017 in Review

  1. Wow! What a great year. You have some amazing adventures (you guys are way too close to the edge in the photo with the bicycle AND the climbing–my fear of heights makes my stomach flop!). I also believe this lifestyle changes us as humans–I learn every single day how my sticks and bricks life left me anchored, physically and mentally. Great year in review. Wishing you many adventures in the year ahead! Dawn

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  2. Happy New Year! Time goes by fast doesn’t it? We left for the road in April and here it is January already. One of our earliest revelations was that, as you said Quality is better than Quantity. Early on we were continuously moving staying on average 4 days in one spot. We have recently decided that staying longer and at fewer places is definitely better, otherwise you spend half your time, setting up. packing up and traveling. Like Dawn above I agree you look like you are very close to the edge.

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  3. Wow I’m so glad I found this post and your blog! I can’t wait to see where you go on your adventures. I love the advice/life lessons you shared. This year I want to see some major growth in myself, and I think I have to step out of my enviornment to do so. Your last paragraph really made me reflect on the people we become when we let go of what’s holding us back.

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