Las Cruses, New Mexico | Installing a Backsplash in an RV

We started off our winter in Austin, Texas with family to ring in the new year, but shortly after we made our way into New Mexico.

Las Cruses is a mid sized city with lots of fun things to see and explore! We had a great boondocking spot at the base of the Oregon mountains, with a gorgeous view out our kitchen window.


There was a nice and mellow mountain bike trail right out our back door so we took advantage of that! We also got Oakley used to sleeping in a bed of her own, instead of with us all night long. haha! She’s growing up. 🙂


There were a few super windy and a little rainy days so we took advantage and tackled a few awesome projects to improve the RV.

The first one was a peal and stick back splash. I was a little worried about this one, but had heard great things about the mosaic peal and stick tiles, so we decided to give it a try! They were super easy to cut and trim to fit where we wanted them, and it looks amazing! It is by no means perfect, but from a short distance you would have no idea these are peal and stick! If you were to take a closer look it’s obvious that they are not real, but I’ll take it! It didn’t take us long to do, and we just made sure to make cardboard stencils of the tricky areas so we could make the right cuts.

We used a total of 16 sheets, which was four packages and we purchased them at Lowe’s for just under $130. They were around $27 a package, which I thought was a little steep at first, but if they hold up like I think they are going to, it was well worth it.


Another project we took on was replacing our hanging rods for our cloths. I’m telling you guys, it’s the little things. hahaha! I don’t know what the old hanging this is called, but those individual slots make it super difficult to get your cloths in an out. So we went to Home Depot and bought the shortest wooden rod we could. We also got those little plastic rod holder things and a saw.

This was the easiest upgrade ever and it makes a huge difference! Gerrit sawed the rod to size and just put it up! We have done some driving sense, and everything has stayed put, so I am calling it a success!

Did I mention our new grill!? It is amazzzzzinnnngggg!! We love it so much! It’s a mini gas weber grill and the fold out sides are so worth it!


What have you done to upgrade the “little things” in your RV? We are always looking for ways to make RV life even better!

Next up on the to upgrade list… new kitchen fosset?


Lindsey, Gerrit, Oakley, and Ella

4 thoughts on “Las Cruses, New Mexico | Installing a Backsplash in an RV

  1. Would be nice if your post (and videos) game more precise ‘camping’ locations, ie. GPS coordinates, accessibility, directions, etc. so that others can follow in your footsteps. We are headed Las Cruces this winter and Loved your location ….. but don’t know Where it is ? ! Thanks for all you do and post !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We strongly encourage everyone to put in the effort, use real maps and do their own research to find their own camp spots. Otherwise our favorite places would be overcrowded. That’s why we don’t share our exact locations. Finding those spots on your own is so rewarding I promise!


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