Changing How We Travel & Life in Tucson, AZ

After reflecting on last year, we have decided to tweak our travel style a bit and set travel goals for this year.

Last year, we covered a lot of ground and saw so many things! Which was amazing, and I do not regret it in the slightest. However, this year we really want to make it a priority to slow down a bit and see more things in one area. Which in turn will make our driving days a lot shorter. Two to four hour drives every two weeks or so seems to be our sweet spot.


We spent 3 weeks in Tucson this January and the weather was absolutely fantastic. We spent a little time in an RV park but most of our stay was at a super popular boondocking spot. While it wasn’t our favorite spot in the world it was cool to be able to connect with so many other full time RVers. The worst part about Tucson is how far you have to drive to get everywhere. Other than that it’s a cool city. You have to try a Sonoran Hot Dog when you go. So good! We also checked out the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum, the Saguaro National park, Tucson Mountain Park, and Catalina State Park.

We had plans previously to meet up with Sam and Brendan from Life Among Pines which we were super excited about, but we also met Micheal and Jenny from Duet Justus, Abigail from Pheribee, and Michelle from michelleschro.


It’s so fun to see everyone else’s rigs and pick each others brains with their own personal tips and tricks about RV life.

We spent an entire Saturday exploring Mount. Lemmon with Sam and Brendan. Brendan and Gerrit did a short mountain bike trail that Sam and I shuttled them too, and they had a blast! It was Brendan’s first proper mtb ride and he crushed it! He did wipe out once, but a few scrapes didn’t dampen his spirits!


We also found a great practice wall to do some top rope climbing routes. It felt great to climb again.


Gerrit and I were also super excited to take a crack at one of the more popular routes on Mount Lemmon called Hitchcock Pinnacle. We wanted to climb it last year when we were there, but didn’t have all the gear we needed or the confidence. But this year we sended it and Brendan took some amazing photos to capture the moment! This won’t be last time you hear about our adventures with these two!

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We ate some great food and connected with even better friends while we were in Tucson and are totally seeing the advantages of taking it a bit slower.

As far as our travel plans go, we are going to be super flexible this year. One thing that is set in stone is getting back to the midwest in June, in time for my youngest sister’s graduation ceremony and open house party. But other than that, we are not making any plans and just going where the wind takes us.

One of our goals for this year is to focus more on our blog, Youtube channel, and social media platforms. We would really like to grow those and spread our message of living your dreams everyday and not letting anything stand in your way. For us, living this RV lifestyle is our current dream and our goal is to inspire others to do whatever it is that makes them happy.

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I have to give a huge and heartfelt thank you to ALL of you who have supported us and followed along in our RV adventures so far! We love all of your kind comments and hope that you have felt inspired to make your own adventures.


Lindsey, Gerrit, Oakley, and Ella

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