Returning to Cochise Stronghold | Tombstone, Arizona

It’s so much fun to return to places we’ve been in the past, because you get to repeat some of the fun things you did, but in this case, we got to experience them with friends!

Cochise is in Tombstone Arizona, but it looks and feels like an African safari. As far as you can see their is tall dry grass (not the foxtail kind thank goodness) with mountains in the distance.


Last year when we were there we were just starting out rock climbing. I can’t believe we have only been climbing outside for a little more than a year now! We have greatly improved! It was SO much fun re-climbing routes that we had struggled with last year, but concurring them this year! I did my hardest route to date, and Gerrit lead routes, that last year, he would have been terrified just to attempt. It was awesome. Our friend Brendan even got up some super difficult routes and it was only his third time climbing ever.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 9.49.22 PMIMG_20180206_180045_718IMG_20180201_181719

While we were boondocking at Cochise we did quite a bit of climbing, but we also took a day trip into Bisbee, a drive up to China Peak, and checked out the Chiricahua National Monument.



Doing all these things again was a totally different experience, because our good friends were with us. We shared meals together, played board games, watched the super bowl, and just enjoyed the company of each other around the campfire. It’s also great that they have dogs as well. We had our own little dog park going on in our camp spot.


Oakley made friends with their kitties too!


We have made met some incredible friends while on the road, but it has really dawned on us just how fantastic and special the RVing community has become to us. When we look back at our “previous life” one of things that was missing was, in fact, community. That sounds strange, but it’s true. We have found our community out on the road, Rving the country.

I think ya’ll will be seeing a lot more of Sam and Brendan this year!

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