Dry Camping in Patagonia, Arizona | Going to Mexico!

If you’re looking for secluded boondocking in the peace and quiet, look no further than Patagonia, Arizona. It’s a sleepy little town with a few restaurants, so you’ll want to stock up on groceries before you go. There are a few wineries worth checking out but the best part is the camping!


It’s super quiet other then the boarder patrol driving past every so often. And of course it was even better being with our friends Sam and Brendan (Life Among Pines).

We had a few days of rain while we were there, but that didn’t keep us from checking out Patagonia Lake and taking the Canoe and SUP board out for a quick paddle.

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The main reason went there was so we could jump across the boarder for a day and check out Nogales, Sonora in Mexico. It was super easy to get into Mexico, as you would expect. We parked the car on the US side and just walked over.

We ate a great restaurant that Sam found online, La Roca, and it was amazing! The food the drinks, the band, was all great! We walked around the different shops, stopping in the art museum, and ate some ice cream. Getting back into the US is always a little nerve wreaking but we didn’t have a single issue. We did have to wait in live for over an hour, but that was it!


I would highly recommend going over to Nogales if you’re in the area!


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