How to Install a Residential Sink & Faucet in an RV

Installing things that are meant for residential use can be a little tricky when you want to put them in an RV. While most everything as far as the plumbing is set up the same, the holes they go in are a lot smaller and the spaces that hold them a lot tighter.

After being in our motorhome a year, there were a few small things we missed about sticks n bricks life that we knew we could easily change. The first being the kitchen sink and faucet.

The one that came in the RV was white plastic, double sided, and the drains were supper tiny! The faucet was short and stubby, didn’t have a hose to rinse the sink out, and the handles were gold. (No thank you!) While the sink cover was SUPER handy we were willing to be without some counter space for a while if that meant installing a bigger and better stainless steel sink!


The first thing we had to do was order a new faucet and sink. So I went on Amazon (of course) and found the perfect faucet reasonably priced.

Hotis Modern High Arc 1 or 3 Hole Single Handle Stainless Steel Prep Sprayer Pull Out Pull Down Sprayer Kitchen Sink Faucet,Brushed Nickel with Deck Plate

I thought the sinks on Amazon were a little too pricey so I did some more searching and found MR Direct. Shot 2018-03-02 at 11.45.16 AM

The measurements came out pretty darn close to the original sink so we went ahead and ordered everything!

After everything arrived we dove right in and ripped out the old sink.

First I took an exact knife and separated the old caulk from the sink and counter top, being very careful not to scratch it.

After that I disconnected the water lines (after turning off the pump) and I disconnected the drain pipes. Then lifted the only sink out.

We knew we would have to cut the countertop a little bit to make the new sink fit so we went out Lowe’s and got a jigsaw saw.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 12.19.10 PM

For the kitchen sink we taped off the area we needed to cut with painters tape. The guy at Lowe’s said that that would help protect the countertop. I don’t know if it really did anything because we didn’t tape the bathroom counters and they turned out fine.

After cutting the hole, the kitchen sink fit perfectly!

The new drain hung quite a bit lower than the old one did so we had to cut a U shape out of some the cabinetry under the sink. It wasn’t a problem though because all that panel is doing is hiding the wires that come up through the floor and honestly taking up unnecessary room that could be used for storage.

Next we installed the faucet and hooked up the water. We had to get a small adapter piece to connect the new faucet to the old water lines, but that was easy to find at the local ACE Hardware.

After making sure the water lines weren’t leaking when the pump came up to pressure we calked the area directly on the countertop and set the sink in the hole. Then we used the anchors that came with the sink to secure it underneath. This was the hardest part because there wasn’t a lot of room to get to the back of the sink.

Then we hooked up the drain pipes after a generous amount of plumbers tape, tightened everything up, and it was finished!


The bathroom sink was much faster, because we already knew what we were doing and the spaces were not nearly as cramped to work under. We did have to trim some of the countertop back for it to fit, but it did fit! Despite, Gerrit thinking it was a monstrosity of a sink. We did have to use quite a bit of calk because it didn’t come with anything to mount in underneath.


I’m happy to report that both sinks held up great after our first trip with them down some washboard road! And now our tiny home on wheels is even more home like and way more functional!

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