St. George, Utah | Back to Zion National Park

It can be so much fun visiting places you have been before, especially with friends.

It’s always fun to revisit places we have been in the past and experience them with friends. Caravanning with Sam and Brenden has been so much fun and quite the blessing! Gerrit and I had to fly back to Indiana to be with my family for a few days after my Grandma passed away and they were kind enough to watch the “homestead” as we call it, while we were away.

The dogs loved that they were able stay in their home and they also love Sam and Brenden, who fed them, and played with them while we were away.

When we got back we stuck around the area for a few more days. We hiked Angels landing and mountain biked Gooseberry Mesa.


We were also able to hang out and do some climbing with our good friends Rob and Sonia.


St. George has been one of those cities we find ourselves wanting to go back to! The weather, the activities, the boon docking, the city, it’s all great!


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