Capitol Reef National Park

We did not expect to enjoy Capital Reef National Park as much as we did! It is certainly under estimated. We enjoyed the beautiful red rock, gorgeous weather, and spending time with our RV friends! Having a community of like minded people, no matter how big or small, is so important!

If you get the chance to explore Capital Reef, do it! There are hikes to take and off-roading to do!


6 thoughts on “Capitol Reef National Park

  1. Oh wow I loved these pictures! My friend just bought a school bus and converted it I’m trying to get her to start a blog so she can document her adventures *ahem and so I can see all the beautiful places. I want to do this someday

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      1. I’ll let her know this!! I’m thinking of making a blog post with her in mind on how to start a blog – I just wish I could tag along


  2. Capitol Reef was one of our favorite parks in Utah! We hiked into Capitol Gorge also Hickman Bridge which I may post about in the future!


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