Visiting St. George, Utah… Again…

This winter we found ourselves revisiting places we had been in the past. It’s nice going back to a city and knowing exactly what you’re going to get. Knowing where everything is, and being able to go and get Chick-fil-a whenever you want. We went back to St. George after adventuring to Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, and Escalante. We wanted to head back that direction anyways and its a great city with a lot of amenities.

St. George for us, has been a great place to “re-group” this winter. We were able to get some mail and complete a lot of projects. While the camp spot we always stay at is not very scenic or clean, it’s only 10 minutes from town and easy to access.

But no matter how many times we visit, there is always something new to do! A new climbing route to try, a different mountain bike trail to ride, or a hike to a new place that is dog friendly. There are certainly no shortage of adventures to be had, all while we are able to stock up on food and complete errands.

I have no doubt that we will return to St. George in the future!


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