Our Favorite Boondocking Stop So Far! The Alabama Hills | Lone Pine, California

If you are a rock climber than you know that Joshua Tree is a climbing meca. But it’s busy, sand bagged and hard to get a good camping spot. The Alabama Hills area is a lot like climbing at J-tree but without any of the hassle or crowds. And personally, I liked the climbing a lot better.


We found a secluded spot to camp that we’ll take to the grave with us. It was perfect! Good cell service and so so quiet. It was magical to wake up in that spot every morning. It did get a bit breezy at night on occasion, but nothing too bad.


The pups loved scrambling around on the rocks. Gerrit would hide from them and they would search all the cracks and tops of the boulders to find him, it was the cutest. Not to mention the breathtaking back drop of the Sierra Mountain range behind us. The Alabama Hills Recreation area is right at the base of Mt. Whitney and the views are incredible. It is also a popular shooting location for Old Western Movies and other films. Iron Man, Gladiator, Django Unchained are some of the more popular films that were shot there.


A side from rock climbing there are a ton of things to do in and around Lone Pine. The town itself is one of my favorites due to it’s charm and accessibility from the free camping spots. There are museums to visit, hikes to do, and scenic drives or off road exploring to check out. We found an old abandoned mine that was really creepy.


The main attraction for us was, of course, the rock climbing. We climbed just about everyday and didn’t re-climb a single route. There are so many of them out there! Gerrit was able to try out the new trad gear and do his first couple trad routes. We hit a climbing milestone when Gerrit got his first bail bener. This is when the person who climbed the route before you “bails” and comes down off of the route without completing it and leaves a piece of gear behind. The next person to complete the route gets to take the bail bener for their own.


We also took out our dinette booth while we were parked here. We are loving having chairs instead. It’s so much more comfortable to work from all day.


We were really sad to leave this paridise, but they were calling for a wind storm and high winds in an RV is no fun. So we decided to leave just a day before we planned.

I am very confident that we will return to this place over and over again.


Lindsey, Gerrit, Oakley, and Ella


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