We Traded Wendy!

When we made it into Bend, Oregon we happened upon an RV show that was going on at the fair grounds. We had been keeping an eye out for an Outdoors RV travel trailer, which are only sold and manufactured out west. Specifically, they are mostly sold by a select few dealers in Oregon.

We first saw and Outdoors RV back when we were in Yosemite and just thought they looked a lot nicer than any other bumper pull trailer we had seen. So after some research we learned that these trailers, in particular, are really well built. We all know that Airstream has the best build quality you can get in a trailer, but the Outdoors RVs are a good second.

After seeing the trailer in person we knew it would be a great switch for us! We have been wanting to downsize for a long time now, and just couldn’t find something that we wanted, but the Outdoors RV was certainly the right rig for us!

But that meant that we had to give up our precious Wendy and trade her for a truck so we could pull the trailer.


However, we never make anything easy on ourselves, like what’s the fun in that right? Basically, it took an army of parents to get it done. We had to get the title transfered to our name, and there was a lot of postage involved. BUT thanks to both of our lovely parents we were able to make the trade in Seattle, WA.

We choose a 2011 Ford 350. The price was right and we drove it off the lot! There are a few things cosmetically that the truck had wrong with it, but otherwise it ran and sounded great!

Orrrr so we thought….

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