Good-Bye Georgie | Trading Our Renovated Motorhome

Its happening! We purchased an Outdoors RV! It is a Timberridge Mountain Series 23DBS.

We were sad to say good-bye to Georgie, but we are excited to have a smaller rig that I will be able to drive.

The whole process of trading in the motorhome started out pretty easy, but like you all know, nothing is every simple. When we showed up to make the trade the manger decided that he didn’t like the fact that we had renovated Georgie. However, we told the sales person everything about the renovation. The deal was already drawn up and we were about to sign when everything was put on hold. After a ton of back and forth they wanted us to put an extra $7,000 down. Well that was not going to happen. Gerrit was so great about reasoning with them, but in the end we settled to add an extra $3,000 to our down payment. Everything was extra complicated because we were “upside down” on our original RV loan. Basically we owed more than it was worth.

But finally, we all came to an agreement and we were able to move into the trailer and our monthly payment rate did not increase. It’s still crazy to me that our 12 year old motorhome cost just as much as our brand new 2019 travel trailer.

In the long run we know we will save money on repairs, maintenance, and gas. Georgie was, after all, 12 years old and would be super expensive to be towed if we ever had to do that. Gerrit is not as capable of working in anything mechanical on such as large engine as well.

We will really miss the bright white, clean and modern look of the motorhome. We do not for one second regret renovating and making the motorhome our home. We learned so much while doing that and I know his next owner will see the love and care we put into each piece.

With the new trailer there will certainly be a learning curve, but we love an adventure!

In the weeks to come, as we learn more about this new RV we’ll work up a pro and cons list, motorhome vs. trailer.

Stay tuned you guys! It’s about to get interesting! haha!!

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