So Many Changes

So much has been changing in our lives over the past six months! Not only did we switch up our entire set up from a motorhome and jeep to a truck and a trailer, we found out we are adding to our family in January!

So now that its all out there, we can talk more about why we made the switch and how the news of a new baby was what really pushed us into a new rig.

We had been wanting to go smaller from the very beginning of our RVing journey. A 35 foot motorhome is a lot to get into the backcountry and to drive through city streets. I was never really comfortable driving it and that also put a damper on how often we could move. We had to plan around Gerrit’s work schedule and that didn’t always work out the best.

So for nearly two years we had been thinking about the perfect rig for us and our travel style. However, when we found we would be having a baby we really started the search.

We knew that we would for sure, have to have a different tow vehicle. A two door Jeep Wrangler physically can not hold a rear facing carseat, not safety at least and not with a drive and a passenger. And then as we thought about it more. Having a car seat in our motorhome itself is not super safe. We had replaced all of the furniture and removed the extra passengers seat when we renovated. Which is fine if other adults or older kids are ridding along, but for a young child who needs to be in a safe seat, our rig was not set up for that.

That’s not to say we couldn’t have reinstalled an extra seat, we could have, but attaching one to the frame of the vehicle would be nearly impossible and then we were back to the fact that we really wanted something smaller.

So we got practical and decided that a truck and trailer set up was what we really needed. So it was just a matter of finding the right trailer with a floor plan we loved.

The Outdoors RV trailers were the first ones, other than airstreams, that we stepped in that actually had great build quality, were four season, had a floor plan we liked, and was a downsize we were comfortable with.

So that’s what we got! So far, our trailer has been absolutely perfect! Of course we would love to brighten up the interior, but right now that is not a priority. The truck however, has been a different story.  We will be getting a different truck at some point, but for now we are hunkered down in southern Tennessee preparing and awaiting the arrival of our little baby Brynn.

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