Who Are We?

We are an adventure seeking couple who LOVE being in the outdoors, especially when we can bring our pups along for the ride! So, we sold a lot of our stuff and bought an RV. Now we live in our motorhome full time while learning to live a minimalist lifestyle and traveling to the United State’s most beautiful areas!



Gerrit is a full time web developer. He graduated from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) with a computer science degree. He is able to work remote from the RV, or anywhere else there is an internet connection. His favorite hobbies are rock climbing and mountain biking.



2018 Linds - 22

Lindsey loves to go hiking with the dogs and teaching them new things. She is learning to love rock climbing more and more. She also loves mountain biking and backpacking. She graduated with an Event Management degree and a Creative Writing minor, also from IUPUI. She is the blogger and photographer for all of the adventures.



Oakley is a two year old Australian Shepherd, she loves hiking, snuggling, and sticks. Ella is her absolute best friend, except for Lindsey of course, but she loves playing chase and relaxing with Ella. She is such a smart girl who loves to perform all of her tricks! “Wave”, “Speak”, and “Take a Bow” are some of her favorites.



Ella is the newest addition to our family. She is believed to be an Australian Koolie breed of sorts, but looks very much like a smaller cattle dog. She is about one year old. After having had her less than a year, life is unimaginable without her! (That’s because it would be really boring!) ¬†She is FULL of energy and LOVES… L-O-V-E-S to play fetch. She will do just about anything for a tennis ball. She is the perfect companion for Oakley and she worships the ground Gerrit walks on.

While having our pups on the road can be more challenging at times, we couldn’t imagine this adventure with out them! They are well worth the time spent exercising and training. They bring us so much joy everyday!

Georgie Boy


Meet Georgie Boy! We absolutely love our 2004 Forrest River Georgetown 32DS. You would think the name Georgie came solely from the fact that he is a Georgetown, but we are huge Seinfeld fans so Georgie Boy was a perfect fit! He has 32 feet of living space but is about 34 feet long.



Wendy is our jeep wrangler that we tow behind Georgie. Wendy is a very special jeep. Not only has she gotten us out of some tricky situations, but she has been in the family for well over 100,000 miles! Gerrit’s dad, Dave, was gracious enough to trade Gerrit’s truck for his beloved jeep. (Don’t worry he did get a new one, that looks exactly the same I might add lol) ¬†Because of that we are, not only, able to have a tow vehicle, but we can take gnarly roads to breathtaking places!

Follow our family as we learn to serve the God we love, find new adventures around every turn, and be grateful for the small things, big things, and everything in between.